Client Testimonial
"Thank you for making me feel like I’m your only customer"
- Amy Jo Haratyk U S Ecology
Who We are

We are a 24 year young, marketing services firm with a strong foundation in commercial printing. Over the years we’ve evolved into the marketing company we are today providing full service design for any project, specializing in web to print solutions and multi channel marketing with an emphasis on effective direct mail.

Our unique business model allows us to bring a wealth of knowledge and resources to the table and makes us fiercely competitive. How? Industry association memberships connect us with other service providers across the country. We access this brain trust of resources weekly providing you with great marketing ideas and the best printing services at the most competitive costs. Online search tools for printing services and promotional products further enhance our ability to meet your needs.

Company owner, Bill Strobridge has over 30 years of experience implementing print and marketing solutions with a variety of clients. His knowledge of marketing solutions and best practices is constantly bolstered by webinars, seminars, plant visits and hands on implementation with clients just like you. He is a dedicated Christian, devoted husband and father, dog lover, golfer and general outdoor enthusiast.

Going Green

High Impact Solutions understands that these are ecologically sensitive times. All across the country there is growing concern about our environment, and rightfully so. Although our industry may not typically be thought of as eco-friendly, significant strides have been made.

Below please find a partial list of our environmentally conscious initiatives.
  • Manufacturing partners that are partially or 100% wind powered.
  • A full line of 100% recycled envelopes.
  • Manufacturing plants that offer products meeting SFI & FSC requirements.
  • Products produced partially or completely from recycled products.
  • Papers containing 10% or more PCW.
  • Chlorine free and green seal certified papers.
  • Options for non-toxic soy inks.

If your company has a need for eco-friendly products please contact us directly and we will be happy to research your specific need and provide you with any necessary documentation as well.