Client Testimonial
I've appreciated the incredible customer service and positive experience we've had with High Impact Solutions. You were able to put together exactly what our staff needed, and I am so grateful to have met and worked with you and your team!
- Kim Medlock, Communications and Marketing Consultant, JCISD
Who We are

We believe if you knew us, you'd want to do business with us. We're your next door neighbors, (you know, the ones you like), the family you connected with at your daughter's soccer game, the friendly people you met at church last week or your new friend from your recent board meeting. We all know that people conduct business with people they know, like and trust. We invite you to get to know us. Take a look at what our clients have to say. You will find their comments on nearly every page of our site. Invite us to review your next project or simply reach out to us however you feel most comfortable. We specialize in providing branded company stores for print, apparel, promotional products and trade show support. Collectively we have over sixty years of experience meeting our clients needs and creating lasting business relationships that overflow into personal connections.

Our unique business model allows us to bring a wealth of knowledge and resources to the table and our commitment to customer satisfaction is truly what sets us apart. Online search tools for printing services, promotional products and apparel further enhance our ability to meet your needs.

Company owner, Bill Strobridge has over 30 years of experience implementing print and marketing solutions with a variety of clients. His knowledge of marketing solutions and best practices is constantly bolstered by webinars, seminars, plant visits and hands on implementation with clients just like you. He is a dedicated Christian, devoted husband and father, dog lover, golfer and general outdoor enthusiast.

Business Models

Obviously the typical business model is riddled with inefficiencies and redundancies. Based on our experience this is how 85% of companies secure marketing support and related services. Do you know the intricacies of your marketing function? What about the number of suppliers, costs? Can you put your hands on this information in a matter of minutes? Most cannot.

typical business model

We’d like to suggest a change in SOP.

Why? The speed of business has changed. Information and options abound and sometimes even overwhelm us. Business as usual is not the key to success and we all know it. We need effective systems and platforms in place to best manage our business, especially those portions previously handled individually or as spot buys. That’s where we come in.

our business model
Viewing our business model the difference becomes crystal clear. Not only is it highly organized and very inviting, but it provides numerous benefits as well.
  • Greater data availability
  • Insight
  • Improved brand consistency
  • Simplified & streamlined ordering
  • Hard and soft dollar cost reductions
  • Greater time availability
  • A guarantee of savings with no risk to you

Allow us to perform the role of integrator and sourcing specialist to help you gain the multiple efficiencies and improvements you need to move your business forward. We help companies take this step every day reducing the time, money and risk inherent in the process.

We’ll take our experience, expansive sourcing capabilities, robust e-commerce platform, and patented, digital technology, all that we have, and put it on the line for you.

Less time, less cost, less grief, less confusion.

That’s us, High Impact, your marketing execution agency!
Going Green

High Impact Solutions understands that these are ecologically sensitive times. All across the country there is growing concern about our environment, and rightfully so. Although our industry may not typically be thought of as eco-friendly, significant strides have been made.

Below please find a partial list of our environmentally conscious initiatives.
  • Manufacturing partners that are partially or 100% wind powered.
  • A full line of 100% recycled envelopes.
  • Manufacturing plants that offer products meeting SFI & FSC requirements.
  • Products produced partially or completely from recycled products.
  • Papers containing 10% or more PCW.
  • Chlorine free and green seal certified papers.
  • Options for non-toxic soy inks.

If your company has a need for eco-friendly products please contact us directly and we will be happy to research your specific need and provide you with any necessary documentation as well.