“Soli Deo Gloria” - To The Glory of God Alone

I believe God created man and woman in the beginning of time. I firmly believe in the Christian principles set forth in the Bible and later adopted by our founding fathers many years later. I believe that Jesus of Nazareth was the greatest teacher and prophet ever to walk the face of this earth. Even more I believe that He was and is the Son of God and that it is only thru Him that we can truly be reunited with God in this life and enter heaven in the next. He truly changed our world forever.

I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that we become better people by following His footsteps. Life is richer, fuller and has greater meaning than it might otherwise.

Moreover I am absolutely convinced that our world would be a much better place if many more people were followers of Jesus. Even though the gospel has been tainted and twisted by more than a few and debated by many, few can argue the lasting positive impact it has had on the world.

I believe that we Christians need to do a better job of living out our faith and become the people God designed us to be and that our fallen world so badly needs. I believe it takes more than our own willpower to pursue this, we need help from on high.

Bill Strobridge