Client Testimonial
"The creative team at High Impact Solutions has brought life to multiple direct mail projects and shown us how to personalize the message without breaking the bank. Their personal attention and quick response time on creative work and their ability to bring unique promotional products to the table is a great asset to us. We enjoy working with an organization that is flexible and forthright. They continue to be a breath of fresh air and it is truly a pleasure working with Bill and his team."
- Lynn Anderson, Manager Marketing, Botsford Hospital

We believe in the power of resources. No one does it all on their own. We readily recognize this and rely on the strength of our professional associations and the wealth of knowledge, information and support they provide. Each and every one of these resources, as well as our designers and countless manufacturing and technology partners, coupled with our twenty plus years of experience enable us to more capably meet your marketing, printing, promotion and distribution needs. Below you will find a list of our affiliations and some of the benefits they provide to us which ultimately benefit you as well.

(PSDA) Print Services Distribution Association

Since 1946 PSDA has been a cornerstone of our industry, providing a wide variety of technology applications, printing and distribution information to its member companies. It is perhaps most valuable in its ability to provide us with leading edge printing technology and for the critical exchanges of knowledge and insight that occur between its 700 plus members. Connected by a listserve it is easy to get quick answers to pressing challenges. It continues to be a great resource today and facilitates our ability to offer you the best solutions available. Workshops, conferences, and other training programs abound and address every aspect of the industry. Most recently they have responded to the evolving needs of its members and have become a great resource for marketing services as well.

What They Think

This organization knows more about printing and related technologies than most of us will learn in a lifetime. Their tagline is “Leading printing executives into the future” and they do a superb job of it. Although this is technically a newsletter subscription, in reality it is so much more. What They Think is like a brain trust for our industry; you ask, they tell or direct you to someone who can. They are a great educational resource for us providing seminars, webinars, best practices for technology applications, up to date industry news and a plethora of informative articles and case studies. They are widely known for their knowledge of the print and marketing industry offering commentary and analysis about numerous related issues from A to Z.

Rain Today

Whereas WTT is focused on the print industry, Rain Today is focused on Sales and Marketing. If you’re not familiar with them you should check them out as they may be a very good resource for your company as well. You can easily sign up for a free newsletter on their website

They offer; on-demand webinars, how to guides, tools and worksheets, over 1,000 marketing and sales articles and exclusive case studies. Some of their topics include; marketing strategy, value proposition, thought leadership, sales training and client relationship management to name a few. I’m sure you can see why we consider them a valuable resource.

Quick Technologies/Sage

Sage is primarily an online database/search engine for promotional products. This tool has saved us and our customers, countless hours of searching. Just go to our Promotional Products page and enter your item request. You can be very general or highly specific in your search criteria. It is also a constant source of new product ideas and allows us some unique features such as supplier ratings in key areas like quality, customer service, and delivery. It is a great business tool to assist us in better serving your promotional product needs.