Online Ordering
Client Testimonial
We love working with High Impact, they have made ordering apparel and branch supplies so much easier.
- Nancy Runyon, Marketing Manager, Team One Credit Union
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  • Password Protection
  • Unlimited Users
  • Uploading Databases
  • Order Online 24/7
  • Credit Card Purchasing
  • Online Inventory
  • Disaster Recovery

E-Commerce, online ordering, electronic storefront, ordering portal, supply chain management; these are all terms that describe the same/similar processes. The key element is this; being able to buy, track, manage and in some cases even create online thereby simplifying what can sometimes be a cumbersome manual process. Today you can buy nearly anything, anywhere, anytime, from anyone… online. These same conveniences can apply to your marketing collateral, direct mail campaigns, business documents, apparel and promotional products as well. With High Impact we provide your own site where you can list only the products you purchase/use on a regular basis. Even better, different departments or locations can access location specific products only or all items depending on your preference.

Our robust platform is nationally supported and fully integrated with our business software. Translation; it’s not homegrown so there are no quirks or idiosyncrasies in the operating system and support is not an issue. The storefront (online order site) talks, electronically, directly with our order entry program making it pretty much dummy proof allowing very few, if any, errors.

From a business standpoint this program is all about procurement process management. It operates as a stand alone, a link on your website, or as a direct connect to most major business software.
  • User name and password protected
  • Unlimited user capabilities
  • Multiple levels of authorization if desired
  • Product identity including name, number, image and description
  • Upload databases and match to selected graphics and text for simplified marketing
  • Order online 24/7
  • Credit card purchasing option
  • Online inventory and management reports
  • Dedicated server and disaster recovery plan
  • Select, print and mail marketing material from your desktop
  • Release stocked orders of print or other material
  • Place re-orders for custom printed items
  • Simplify the order process
  • Minimize time and effort in repetitive buys
  • Improved delivery
  • Hard and soft dollar cost reduction
  • Online inventory and management reports
  • Decentralized purchasing with increased control

This dynamic tool could is a great way to incorporate several business functions into one easy to use online tool. We cannot stress enough, the value this critical business tool can bring to your organization!