Client Testimonial
"We are in the financial services industry and we conduct a number of educational workshops throughout the year. Every workshop is preceded by a direct mail invitation. The timing of our direct mail campaign is very critical to our success. We are constantly under the gun with scheduling issues that are often beyond our control. As a result, we often find ourselves asking High Impact Solutions to go “above and beyond” to assist us in getting things done right. We conducted over 25 workshops last year."
- Bob Hoger - Michigan College Funding
Financial Services

Financial Services is another niche market for us. We work with a variety of small to mid size credit unions and banks as well as independent financial services companies.

We clearly understand the critical role direct marketing plays in ongoing customer relationship building, cross selling, up selling and new business development. Email campaigns, as well as targeted and personalized direct mail pieces are usually major components of your efforts as well as brochures, flyers and special promotions. Adding components like personalization, segmenting, personalized urls and QR codes can have a dramatic impact on your direct mail campaigns. These type of multi channel marketing campaigns are typically much more successful than one dimensional endeavors. Research shows that making it personal and giving recipients more than one way to respond is key to improving response rates and the tools mentioned above can do just that. QR Codes turn direct mail into more powerful marketing mediums allowing response from mobile devices which is an ever expanding market in and of itself.

Looking closely at the day to day management of transaction documents like teller envelopes, deposit slips, new account applications, etc. we find that our web to print tools are a great asset to multi location banks and credit unions. Being able to access these products online 24/7 and view usage reports can prove to be nearly invaluable. You can easily add all of your marketing collateral online as well and fully automate this portion of your business. Our web to print tools provide outstanding capabilities for the deployment of personalized communications and response based follow ups.

Promotional products or advertising specialties, whichever you prefer to call them, are typically used in abundance. We excel in providing new and unique items. Locating virtually any specific request you may have becomes a snap using our online search tools. Click here to go directly to our promo product portal.