Client Testimonial
You guys effectively handle all our marketing and mailing needs from start to finish including; lists, design, addressing, handling and delivery to the post office.
- Bob Hoger, Principal, Michigan College Funding
Direct Mail & Cross Media Marketing

Contrary to popular opinion direct mail is alive and well and still one of the best ways to promote your product or service. As a matter of fact some noted marketers say it is even more effective now due to two factors; less overall mail, hear junk mail, and technology which drives greater response like the use of variable data, text messaging, purls and QR Codes.

We understand the world of direct and are very adept at guiding our clients through the maze of postal regulations and assisting them with every aspect of a campaign from concept to completion. Cross selling, up selling, driving traffic to your store or website, more donations, greater enrollments; these are all challenges direct mail has helped others achieve.

Direct Mail Elements

List, Creative, Offer, Repetition & Timing. Skip any one of these at your own peril. Consider each carefully and apply them to any variety of post cards, letter packages, matched mailings, simple fold overs or anything you can imagine.

Personalization – Variable Data Printing:

Custom communications are powered by commercial digital printing technology and are largely responsible for the popularity of personalized marketing. We have the ability to print with multiple levels of personalization including text and graphics. One line of variable data all the way to complete customization of text and images for each recipient is available to help drive your message home and generate a great response. Many well-known marketers see this tool as “mission critical” to generate the best results. Independent studies support this wholeheartedly.

Conceal & Reveal/Scratch Offs

These applications require action on the part of the recipient to reveal hidden information thus engaging the recipient immediately.

Dimensional Products, Fold Outs, Pop Ups

When is the last time you received a package (think small box, mail tube, lumpy envelope) that you threw away unopened? Curiosity usually gets the best of us. We typically can’t resist opening a package just to see what’s inside. When that occurs the direct marketer has just overcome one of their greatest obstacles; getting you to open the mail piece.


Personalized URLs are one of very few tools available that gives your prospects an easy way to opt in or indicate interest in your offer. It is a great method to address prospects individually and gather additional information to further assist you in your future marketing efforts.

Use graphic from Variable date page and add other samples of direct mail.

Variable Data
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