Client Testimonial
"We had the opportunity of working with High Impact Solutions in a major outreach to alumni, current donors and major prospects. The relationship evolved into a partnership, with High Impact Solutions’ staff of professionals helping us every step of the way. We developed a customized package for each group and as a result, realized a significant positive response to our year-end appeal. We received two, $2,000.00 contributions which is large for direct mail. High Impact Solutions was creative with excellent follow-through. All in all, an excellent experience."
- John Lewandowski, Executive Director - Henry Ford Community College Foundation
College Marketing

Although we work with companies in many different industries one of our focal points is higher education. When it comes to college marketing we serve a broad spectrum of institutions ranging from very small private colleges, to community colleges as well as Big Ten universities. Each has their own specific needs yet many similarities.

Admissions, Development, Alumni Relations, Annual Giving, Foundation and Athletics are some of the main departments we have worked with. Our focus with higher education is to help them understand the various tools that are available to improve ROI on their direct mail campaigns. Integrated marketing initiatives are typically more successful than those that are not. They can include tools like; personalization, segmenting, personalized urls and QR codes. Giving future students and donors more than one way to respond is key to improving response rates and the tools mentioned above certainly help accomplish that. Of particular significance is the ever growing segment of the population that would rather die than live without their mobile deivce. QR Codes turn static print pieces into virtual marketing tools by allowing recipients to respond from their mobile units. Ask us about mobile optimized sites to further enhance their mobile experience with you.

Alumni departments will want to be sure to check out our online search capabilities for promotional products. This robust search platform will help you find literally anything you are looking for. Most samples are free, just ask for details. Click here to search for promotional products.