Nearly every business buys promotional products, but how do they know what to look for in a supplier? Here’s a few quick pointers. Make sure your selected supplier is in business full time, not just someone doing this part time from home. Two, it’s best for you if they can provide you with a website where you can review product options at your leisure. Three and perhaps most important are they a member of one of the three major industry associations; PPAI, SAGE or ASI. 

Other questions to ask would be centered around inclusive pricing versus additional set up charges and would those set up charges apply to a repeat order. What kind of rating does the plant have that your supplier is using A-E? Are there tiered pricing structures that you can qualify for based on volume or industry? Thought processes and questions like these will put you well on your way to making a very sound purchasing decision for your promotional product needs. It also could save you from a disaster lurking in the shadows if these questions are not asked.

This is just one example of Value which I hope you will find useful. There are many more that I’m happy to share with the promise of No Sales Pitch from me unless you ask.

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